Residential Painting

Power Washing (Pressure washing)

Our professionals use the most potent and advanced technology to power wash your place. Where there once was debris and dirt, there will only be a smooth surface. Don’t believe it? Check out our gallery for our most recent projects.

Interior Painting

Before painting, we orient the customer in color selection. Once we are ready to get started, we make sure to professionally cover all surfaces that will not get painted. We then move on to applying as many coats of paint as necessary to deliver the very best job. Every step of the way is important for us. We make of your project our own.

Exterior Painting

Exterior projects demand the best materials. If not, you’ll find yourself spending a fortune. We know how to do it right from the beginning. Every exterior project is accompanied by power washing and scraping at no extra cost for you. We then purchase paint that contains both primer and paint to give you extra protection against inclement weather and direct sunlight. We'll apply as many coats as necessary. You'll not only get the best finish but also the best protection for your walls. That's an excellent investment in the long run reflected in the beauty and protection of your residence.

Cabinetry Painting

In order to deliver the best quality, we try dismounting all cabinets. We give them a quick clean, sand them, and then prepare them for paint. We use a latex, water-based paint to accomplish the best finish and protection. We spend a bit more in the paint as compared to our competitors, but we know it’ll get returned in a satisfied customer.

Deck Painting/Staining

There’s no job more transformative than that of decks. It gives a brand new look to your place. As the place where people usually bring friends and family to mingle, we make sure to do it right from the beginning. We power wash the decks to make sure that it is free from dust and mildew. We make sure to diagnose the state of the surface -- be it wood or concrete -- to ensure the integrity of the material is not compromised.

We then apply Sherwin William’s Deck Over, which is the best quality paint out there with sealer and paint to protect the deck against inclement weather and direct sunlight. We can guarantee it’ll last many years.

Epoxy Garage Flooring

Painters usually shy away from floor painting. We don’t! Whether you have a brand new concrete floor or one that has been previously painted, we make sure to get it well painted. We grind the floor, power wash it, give it a sand if needed, and then apply two coats of industrial epoxy paint. You will have a job that will be the envy of your neighbors.